ICVA NAVLE Application (Application #1)

For Candidates Applying for Licensure in the U.S. and U.S. Territories

Updated December 2, 2016

All candidates applying for NAVLE approval through a U.S. state or territorial licensing board may submit their ICVA NAVLE application and fee on-line, directly to the ICVA, with payment of the ICVA NAVLE application fee by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). A link to the ICVA on-line NAVLE application for candidates seeking licensure in the U.S. and U.S. territories will be active on this page during NAVLE application periods as noted below.

Please note, if the payment method selected by you results in a dishonor or a later dispute as to the validity of the payment, your NAVLE eligibility may be suspended, your scores may be withheld and any scores that have been reported may be rescinded pending resolution of the dishonor or dispute and the payment of additional fees by you arising from such dishonor or dispute.

When completing your application #1, enter your first and last names exactly as they appear on the non-expired, government-issued, signed, photo identification you plan on presenting at the testing center on the day of your examination, because that information is used in producing your NAVLE Scheduling and Admission Permit, and your permit name and ID name must exactly match or you will not be admitted into the testing center.

All NAVLE candidates must be approved by a licensing board in order to take the examination. Therefore, in addition to completing the ICVA NAVLE application #1, you must also submit a state/territorial NAVLE application #2. Contact your licensing board (or their designated NAVLE processor) and complete the state NAVLE application your board (or their processor) requires, by THEIR application deadline date. The NAVLE Application Procedure Chart on this site provides information on who to contact regarding submission of your state application for NAVLE approval.

Candidates applying to take the NAVLE in order to obtain a license to practice veterinary medicine in Canada must contact the Canadian National Examining Board (NEB) and follow their NAVLE application procedure, requirements and deadlines. NAVLE applications and fees must be submitted directly to the NEB (not to the ICVA) by the NEB’s application deadline date.

Repeating Candidates

If you have taken the NAVLE examination three times or more since the November-December 2007 administration, you should take into consideration the ICVA NAVLE Retake Policy.

ICVA NAVLE Application #1 - Application Periods and Deadlines

  • November-December NAVLE

    The application period for the November-December NAVLE testing window runs from early June to August 1.  The ICVA November-December NAVLE application #1 receipt deadline is August 1.

  • April NAVLE
    The application period for the April NAVLE testing window runs from early December to February 1. The ICVA April NAVLE application #1 receipt deadline is February 1 for all candidates, including those who took the immediately preceding November-December NAVLE and did not achieve a passing score.


A link to the ICVA on-line NAVLE application will be available below during the application periods.

ICVA NAVLE Application #1



If you want to submit your ICVA NAVLE application #1 by paper, contact the IVCA office by email to request a paper application form. Paper application fee payment options include personal check, cashier’s check, certified check, or money order, payable in U.S. funds. When submitting a paper application, the paper application and fee must be received in the ICVA office by the application deadlines noted above. Late applications will not be accepted.