NAVLE® Reports

Updated July 31, 2014

NAVLE Technical Reports

Technical reports describing each NAVLE administration cycle are available below in pdf format. Copies of the report are sent each summer to each licensing board and veterinary school in North America. The web version of the report is the same as the hard copy version except that it does not include Appendix C, a list of Prometric testing centers where candidates took the NAVLE, and Appendix D, sample NAVLE score reports.


NAVLE Candidate Performance Reports

Reports summarizing the performance of criterion candidates (senior students at accredited schools taking the NAVLE for the first time) are available below.  The reports include the following information:

- The number of criterion candidates taking the NAVLE during the fall-spring testing cycle and the number passing, including the overall passing rate at graduation (which includes candidates who pass on their first attempt in fall and spring, and those who fail in the fall but pass on repeating the examination in the spring).

- The performance of criterion candidates, grouped according to information provided by their veterinary schools, by class rank (quartiles), class focus, and GRE rank (quartiles based on Graduate Record Examination scores prior to admission).  The five class focus categories include small animal, mixed animal (all species), companion animal (small animal and equine), food animal, and all other tracking options. Note that the numbers in these categories do not reflect all criterion candidates, because not all schools provide this information for their candidates.

- The performance (expressed as the percent correct score) of criterion candidates, grouped by the class focus categories, on the five main species content areas of the NAVLE.